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Dentists recommend daily use of an oral irrigator to promote healthier teeth and gums, and reduce the risk of gum disease.

Eyscar cordless rechargeable oral irrigator provides an easy and effective way to support proper teeth and gum health at home.


♦ 4 jet tips included for family use
♦ Ideal for implants and essential for braces
♦ Irrigator tips help remove bacteria between the teeth and below the gumline
♦ 3 pressure operation modes with LED indication
♦ Oral irrigator tips rotate 360 degrees
♦ 45 seconds of water capacity, handle design for easy water refill
♦ Build-in Li-ion batteries, which gives more power and battery life
♦ 1 minute a day for a cleaner, fresher, and healthier mouth

BENEFITS ♦ Does not irritate gums
♦ Effective plaque removal
♦ Healthier gums
♦ Ideal for implants
♦ Essential for braces

Whats Included
♦ 1 × Water Flosser
♦ 4 × Coded Interchangeable Tips
♦ 1 × Rechargeable Power Cord and Charging Base and Charger Adapter
♦ 1 × User Manual

♦ If you use this water flosser for the first time, please choose the soft mode, when you adapt to it, you can use the other mode you like.
♦ To prevent bacteria propagating, make sure there is no remaining water inside the unit.
♦ If you’re not going to use it for a long time, be sure wipe and dry the appliance ASAP before store it.

Improve your oral health and enjoy a cleaner, fresher mouth with the Eyscar cordless water flosser.

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